What we can learn about green building from green building.

What ever you do for a career, be it digging ditches, building houses, or doing science(all of which I have done in the past), knowing how to do it more efficiently,  more effectively and more intelligently, is always better.  That certainly holds true with green building.  There are so many aspects to green building that are evolving everyday, whether it is a new material or new method of building a home or just some small change to our standard practices that we’ve all been doing for decades, but there are very few people talking about the trials and tribulations involved in building these homes.  So, maybe this blog can be different.  Instead of always talking about all the great things that we’ve done in our projects,   maybe this blog can also talk about all the trials and tribulations we have gone through to perfect a certain technique or use a certain building material.  Heaven knows that as green builders pushing the leading edge of green, we sure have hit a lot of resistance over the years.

If you have something to say, please let me know.  Unlike George Bush, I hate it when everybody around me agrees with me.  If you think you are always right, then there is nothing to strive for and your enthusiasm  and your drive will stagnate.  The more opinions I have about something, the better off I am.  And hopefully, as more people talk about these things, the better off we will all be.  Learning from other peoples mistakes is not only easier, but in this business, a whole lot cheaper.

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