California’s Greenest Home?

Now don’t get me wrong, the claim of California’s greatest home can be made by many, many different homes,  all of which are fantastic representations of the way we should build our homes.  The monitor we have given our model home located in Santa Clara, California, which is also my personal residence and office for Earth Bound Homes, was given to us by Build-It-Green, the nonprofit green building advocacy group that developed Green Point Rated.   This house has scored 309 point on the building green checklist for green building called Green Point Rated.  Currently the next closest house is 232 points.  We are currently working on certifying a house in Belmont that we finished in 2008, which will have 268 points, and another house that we finished at the end of 2009, which should have 272 points.  This latter house, built in Cupertino, is also being certified at LEED Platinum level, and is the first house in California to be a Zero Carbon Zero Energy home.  Both of these homes will shortly be our website at and also have separate categories within this blog, which I will be posting about shortly. Though much more could have been done to score the house much higher in the LEED for Homes rating system had it come out before the house was finished.  I will talk more indepth about each of these houses, because as you can imagine, they are all very different and all had their positives and negatives.

When analyzed on the LEED rating system, the house in Santa Clara does score a platinum rating,  though the very poor design and implementation of the HVAC system reduced our scores significantly in both LEED and Green Point Rating.    The most important thing about the Bluebird Residence as we call the Santa Clara House, is that I get the benefit of living in it and really seeing what works and what doesn’t.    And no, not everything has gone perfectly as planned when I first designed the house.  The biggest thing is that I have learned so much since we build the home that we could build a way greener house now, if only we had a wiling client.   Bringing up the term, used materials into any discussion about their New house, often turns up some eyebrows.

Here is the link to the Webpage on our website describing the Bluebird Residence:

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One Response to California’s Greenest Home?

  1. Rachel says:

    Congratulations on your home’s stellar Green Point rating from Build-It-Green.

    Progress in ‘green’ design, sustainable building and energy-efficiency is exciting to be a part of, and it’s always inspiring to hear about leaders and innovators!

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