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After my first and really revolutionary (for me) meeting at Remodelers Advantage (www.remodelersadvantage.com) last year in Charleston, South Carolina(great town), we decided to make a bunch of changes to our company and to our educational outreach, which is really,  the only thing we do for our marketing.  Historically, our marketing consisted of me giving talks to local city building departments, Build-it-Green, the statewide green building advocacy group(www.builiditgreen.org), and other nonprofit groups that ask us to come and talk to them about how we build our homes based on best practices and science based research and not based on “cause that’s how my dad did it and his dad did it before him”.  Besides my dad was a surgeon and i don’t think he even knows how to use a hammer.  I love teaching so it is good to spread the green building gospel and gives me my talking in front of people “fix”.

One of the things that we decided to start doing that we have not done before is to start doing a blog about and for each of our large jobs.  So many people walk by our homes, wondering what is going on inside, especially when they learn that we are building super high efficiency homes that use only non toxic materials and advanced, super secret, space age materials for our plumbing systems(PEX(cross linked polyethylene) which the Europeans have been using for decades) or triple pane windows(again, Europeans were there decades ago).  Sense a trend there?  Anyway, enough of wishing I was European. The point is, that a house under construction that you CAN’T go into is like a giant present under the Christmas tree with your name on it, and it is always Dec. 24th.

So, combining our desire to tell as many people about green building as possible with our hope to answer some questions about  “what is going on behind that fence” from the people who drive, walk and ride by our job sites and want to know more, we have started these blogs.  We will cover not only what we do at these job sites, but also what we think is important to anybody who lives in their homes and cares about their health or the health of their kids, energy efficiency, sustainability, home care and maintenance and how much time they have to spend taking care of their home instead of living it their home and trivial things like that.  If you are into that kind of stuff, please, continue to visit us here and visit our blogs at:




These are just starting so give us a chance to develop the content and I think you will be happy you did.  Hope to see you around and please, if you have any comments, questions or recommendations, I would love to hear them.


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