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Renovating an old home with hardwoods and trying to get rid of cat odor from previous owner. Is there a natural solution?

We have purchased an older home which was owned by a family with LOTS of cats. The house has all hardwoods and we are trying to restore the floors and get rid of the cat odor. Is there a natural/green … Continue reading

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What is the best building design for a house built on clay soil? The stem wall is cracked due to the clay’s expansion and contraction due to the wet and dry seasons. What are house designs or design considerations I should be investigating?

Firstly, I would like to state that I am not an engineer, and that any sensible person would be be an idiot to not got to a licensed engineer to correctly design their home for the window and seismic loads … Continue reading

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Can my home be Re-Finished with UV floor finish? How does it work? Is this a gimmick or is it a real health benefit? Companies such as claim to have UV finish for my wood floor. Instant cure and low VOC and Odor.

It all depends on what they are promising you.  The idea that the floor can be cured by exposure to UV light is not at all far fetched.  Many chemicals are effected by UV light and crosslinking is a common … Continue reading

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We need to replace the aluminum gutters on our home. Any green home gutter and downspout ideas?

First off, if budget and aesthetics allow, it is always nice to use copper gutters. Aluminum, the most popular gutter material, has a realistic life expectancy in the climate that you are in of 10 years. Copper, on the other … Continue reading

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An exterior wall is 8″ uninsulated CMU. We plan to install board insulation on the interior. What are type is best to avoid moisture issues?

Your moisture issues are going to be a problem whatever type of insulation you put behind the walls and on top of the strapping.  If this is going to be living space on the inside of this wall and you … Continue reading

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